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Michael (Mick) is a 28 year old who is battling cancer for the third time.

"There should never be a price put on someone’s life, but for me that’s my reality."

As a baby, 16 months old, Michael was diagnosed with neuroblastoma with a 1 in 4 chance of survival. After chemotherapy, surgery and a bone marrow transplant, Michael remained cancer free until he turned 22.

In his final year at Trinity College, where he was studying Law & Business, Michael was sadly diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma which required surgery (partial nephrectomy). Michael still managed to graduate with top grades, earning a scholarship to Harvard Law School to complete his Masters in Law.

Four months after moving to Boston with his girlfriend of 9 years, Mel, Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of metastasized renal cell cancer. Luckily Michael was in the right city at the right time as new treatments were newly approved for his cancer. Unfortunately, this targeted chemotherapy is not available in Ireland. Michael's doctors have advised him that he needs to remain in the US to continue receiving essential life-saving treatment.

We appreciate all the help and support received to date. Thank you.

Newest update August 27th:

"On to the fourth chemotherapy this year! We’ve had three failed attempts but are hopeful that restarting Cabozantinib will start shrinking the tumours. Mick’s team are incredibly dedicated to finding a plan that works for now and eventually, a cure.

Mick is positive as always and keeps on fighting, even though last week involved radiation, two blood transfusions, a hospitalization, many scans and two (negative) Covid tests  Fingers crossed the next few weeks are easier on Mick "

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Natasha (085-1941977) or Ciaran (086-4611361)

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